The Pupper Patch

One of the reasons we bought our house was because it had a small fenced in yard with access to a doggie door.  We thought this would be PERFECT for the pups!  I envisioned our dogs enjoying the ability to go outside anytime they pleased, frolicking in the grass, and basking in the sun.  Unfortunately, they weren’t as impressed as we were.

So one day last week, I came up with a plan!  I was going to make this little yard a fun space that they would enjoy to spend time in!

doggie oasis

I don’t have a before picture of the yard, but it was definitely lacking in character … and grass.  It was mostly dirt and weeds, so I can see why the dogs weren’t that enthusiastic about it.  I kinda figured that since I was training the dogs to use the bathroom in the woods on other parts of the property, it would make sense to create a space that would be their main potty area (the mulch).  I also dreamed up this fun doggie pond idea and found something similar to what I want here.  For now, we’ll make use of a little kiddie pool, but it’s on the official To-Do list!  Eventually, I’d like to add some rocks to the gate area because I read that it can deter digging and that’s their favorite place to dig in the yard.  The little block labeled “poop” is actually the Doggie Dooley Pyramid Dog Toilet, which is supposed to be an earth friendly way to dispose of pet waste.

This is still a work in progress, but we were able to get quite a bit done over the weekend.  You can see our grass issues …


We named this little space the Pupper Patch because 1) it needed a cute name, and 2) Dog Yard just didn’t have the same ring.  I really want to get a sign that says “Pupper Patch” for the yard … maybe something like this?

In the planters I planted lemon grass, lemon thyme, marigolds, mint, and citronella.  Hopefully this will help some with bugs, but it should smell nice if nothing else!

We wanted a little statue in the yard that our male dog could pee on instead of the plants.  So far, he’s not at all interested.

I bought this fountain for the doggie pool to hopefully deter mosquitoes and keep the water somewhat fresh between cleanings.

Here are some pics of the other side of the yard.


Not very inspiring, I know.  The patio needs work, and that ivy has got to go!

Kokoa (in the picture above) still won’t go through the dog door.  She doesn’t like to open things with her nose.  Any ideas on how to get her to use the doggie door on her own?

I’d really like to add some more stuff to the yard to make it super fun for the pups.  Kokoa’s favorite game is tug so I thought this would be pretty awesome.  What do your dogs love to play with?  Leave your suggestions in the comments! 🙂